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Brooklyn is home to many SMEs as well as large chain stores. It has embraced the digital revolution hence becoming a notable location for businesses with a great future. Some of these businesses, like Kickstarter and Vice Media, are growing at a fast rate to become big enterprises. Brooklyn is headed to become an economic force. Amongst other factors, the use of SEO tools has played a big role in bringing about this economic growth.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization enables websites to have a high ranking in Search Engines. There are vast requirements that can be utilized to achieve a high ranking. This includes;

  • Content Quality – Ensuring all the website pages have trustworthy, informative, rich, unique, and relevant content.
  • Quality links – All the internal and external links should be up to date and relevant to your location, industry, and business.
  • Technical SEO – Ensure your website can be categorized and indexed correctly by search engines.
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Types of effective SEO Services

Website SEO Audits

This is among the first SEO Campaign. It is here details are accurately measured. An automated audit can help to keep regularly checking for any error.

  • Some of the best-automated audits are;
  • Screaming Frog’s site audit
  • Raven Tools site audit
  • Semrush site audit

There are more effective when used together and they are also used as tools for verifying data.

Keyword research
This is considered as one of the fundamental basics of SEO campaign. A keyword is what gives you a rank. Some types of keywords include;Major keyword – These are keywords that are mostly used by the majority of users to ‘search for’. They are generally short with not more than three words.Long-tail keywords – These are keywords that are considered more specific when searching. The users of such keywords are likely to be serious buyers.

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